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13 May 2008 @ 08:24 pm
Pollspam! Which party leader Bag Shag or Crag?  
Lots of people have linked to this today, in which it is made out that Cameron is the sexiest of the three party leaders, but nobody mentions which questions were asked. However, it seems fairly obvious to me that it was the old classic Bag, Shag or Crag. So, dear f-list, once again I seek your opinions.

Which of the three party leaders would you Bag (marry/mate with for life), which would you Shag, and which would you Crag (throw off a cliff)

Poll #1187280 Bag, Shag, or Crag

Bag, Shag or Crag?

Bag Brown, Shag Cameron, Crag Clegg
Bag Brown, Shag Clegg, Crag Cameron
Bag Cameron, Shag Brown, Crag Clegg
Bag Cameron, Shag Clegg, Crag Brown
Bag Clegg, Shag Brown, Crag Cameron
Bag Clegg, Shag Cameron, Crag Brown

Does this view have any bearing on how you are likely to vote?

Does it bollocks!
Yes, because I am *that* shallow.

Me, I say Bag Cameron, because he's rich, and you can shag around behind his back. Shag Clegg, because in a field of three ugly ducklings he's the prettiest, and Crag Brown. Oh, and, the first person to bring up my old nightmare gets a severe ticking off!
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