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02 February 2009 @ 12:54 am
Ways to Immediately Ensure You Lose Support For Your Campaign #1: Forget to Proof Read  
Featured on Liberal Democrat Voice

You spent a long time on the graphics for this, guys. Would it have killed you to get someone with a more than rudimentary grasp of English to spend 30 seconds proof-reading it? Because now you just look like rank amateurs. I don't want you to look like rank amateurs. I want you to look like you know what you are doing.
discreet adj 1 careful to prevent suspicion or embarrassment, especially by keeping a secret. 2 avoiding notice; inconspicuous.

discrete adj separate; distinct.
Yes, the vast majority of people don't care if you use the wrong word, so long as they get your meaning. But those of us who do care? We really care. It hurts your campaign to not spend that small amount of time asking your grammar geek friend to proof-read your ad. It really does.

I am fully aware that, given Sod's Law, I will have made some horrendous typo or error in this post. You have my full permission to let rip at me about it. But before you do, bear in mind that in moaning about this, I am, also, giving the campaign more publicity ;)