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29 September 2008 @ 12:35 pm
Vince Cable is Awesome - It's Official*  
Sara Bedford has very helpfully typed up the exchange that occurred on the Today Programme this morning which had me grinning at the radio and nearly made me late taking the small person to school. Evan "Prince Albert" Davis to George Osbourne:
It sounds to me like I should vote for Vince Cable. Vince Cable was against demutualising the building societies back in the 1990s, when your government was doing that. Vince Cable was sending me, as an economics editor, emails every three weeks about the levels of debt through the last five years; and he has been instrumental in saying that the taxpayer needs to be protected, nationalising the banks and in having the upside risks as well as the downside ones are the way to go. Why, if I am angry, would I vote for you over him?
I urge you to follow the link, and read Sara's entire post. I particularly love the bit towards the end:
Even over the airwaves you could sense [George Osbourne] looking around for his press aide, hoping to be told that the time was up and he needed to go and discuss fashion trends for Autumn with Lorraine Kelly
Yup, she's right, you could. Listen for yourself (the relevant item is 0810; there's bonus Vince at 0709 for the fangirls, too), if you don't believe it.

* if it's on the Today programme, it's official, AFAIC. Official does not necessarily mean right, mind you ;)
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