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18 August 2008 @ 12:59 am
Logging in to LJ on Open ID - a user guide  
So there's a couple of you have had trouble logging in with open ID. Your fearless scribe therefore logged out of her EllJay account and went a-testin' with her trusty blogger log in. And lo, I found that logging in with an Open ID account is easy, when you have a hunch how to do it...

The method I used is easiest in a tabbed browser. You need three tabs open:

1, the post you wish to comment on (or, as it might be, the poll you wish to vote in)
2, This list on the Open ID site
3, This LJ log in page.

Now, say that the account you want to use to comment with is a technorati account...

A, go to the Open ID list on tab 2.
B, copy the relevant line from the list (in this case it is technorati.com/people/technorati/username).
C, Paste the line into the log in box on tab 3
D, replace the word "username" with your technorati username.

(at this point you might be asked for confirmation or validation of some kind from Technorati, or whichever service you are using. Don't worry about giving it; once you have done this, LJ should remember who you are for at least until you shut down. This, therefore, has a huge advantage over logging in on a comment thread, where you sometimes have to log in for each comment...)

E, Go to tab 1 and write your comment, or vote in the poll.
F, Go and comment on some more stuff, if you like, or upload yourself an icon, or set your email address so you can get comment notifications. Kick back, and just enjoy the melodies.

See? Easy! What were you worried about?

Note to People of Devious Mind: this is no excuse to find all the accounts you have on Open ID and vote several times in my Very Prestigious Blog of the Year Awards. Anyone caught doing this will get a spanking. And maybe even the thing that comes after spanking...
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