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10 August 2008 @ 11:44 am
SB's Very Prestigious Blog of the Year Awards - Phase 1 - The Nominations Phase  
Nominations are now closed, so comments on this post have been disabled. Thanks for all your noms!

What? Everybody Else is Having a Blog Awards, So Why Can't I [/cranberries]? Winners will get a shiny banner to display on their blogs, if they aren't too embarrassed, and everything! Nominees have twelve shiny banners to choose from to promote the awards and garner votes for themselves!

Phase one, which will end midnight on Saturday 16th August, is The Nominations Phase. Please copy and paste the list of categories below into a comment, and put a link to the blog you are nominating next to each one who your nomination in that category would be.

The Categories are:
- Best Fandom Blog by a Single Person (for example lizbee, Andrew Rilstone)
- Best Political Blog by a Single Person (for example kiji_kat, Sexual Intelligence)
- Best General Blog by a Single Person (for example innerbrat, Mitch Benn)
- Best Group Blog/LJ Community (for example diggerdydum, Feminist SF)
- Prettiest Blog Design (for example ginasketch, Lee Griffin)
- Geekiest Blog (for example, strangefrontier, Stephen Fry)
- Best Dead Tree-Based Blog (James May, Comment is Free)
- Wittiest Blog (pink_weasel, Devil's Kitchen)
- Male Blogger I Would Most Like to Have Sex With (for example matgb, James Graham)
- Female Blogger I would Most Like To Have Sex With (for example haloskitten, Steph Ashley)

The Best Blog overall will be decided by a poll of the winners of the ten categories after the vote has closed on them
Anonymous comments are allowed (but screened) for people who don't have an LJ log in or Open ID to nominate, but please consider that you will need an Open ID or LJ log-in to actually vote. Seriously, look into Open ID. I bet you already have one. Also, if you're too shy to vote in the final two categories without anonymity, you can use it for that ;)

Please note that I ain't googling, so if you don't at least put a link for me to C&P, you're wasting your comment. Also note that you can nominate the same blog in more than one category but I reserve the right to disqualify any blog from any category on a whim (for example, That Tory Blog does not qualify as being by a single person, in my view, and this blog isn't an LJ community or group blog because only I am allowed to write for it). Feel free to try and persuade me if you want to nominate a blog for a particular category and you think my whims might rise. ;)

Once midnight Saturday rolls around, I shall use a complex algorithm to determine which of the nominated blogs makes the final list for each category. Since I know you're aching for a poll right now, why don't you vote for how many should go in each category for you to pick between?

Poll #1238165 Blog Awards
This poll is closed.

I would like to chose between X number of blogs per category in SB's prestigious Blog of The Year Awards.


Please feel free to pimp this post around as much as (in)humanly possible, and watch this space for SB's Very Prestigious Blog of the Year Awards - Phase Two - The Category Vote!