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29 July 2008 @ 07:41 pm
Stuff and thingies.  
- Ka has been named (but not yet christened). He is called Ka-ligula, because I wasn't having Ka-trina or Ulri-Ka and I figured with him being Imperial Purple the name of a Roman emperor would be good. Plus he's small and a bit mad. And he's only got one Horse(power), which he wants to make a senator. Any polls that you might see on Mat's blog intimating that this is not a done deal are sadly mistaken.

- Anti-choice people are trying to claim the credit for the SNP victory in Glasgow East. Oh, this could be fun. In the same way that root canal work is fun.

- According to this page, I am more of a man than andrewducker. It said Likelihood of you being FEMALE is 18%; likelihood of you being MALE is 82%. andrewducker only got 72% likely to be male and 28% likely to be female. Once more, my manliness is proven.

- Best post evar on swearing. Yes, even better than mine.
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